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Brandy Hennessy

Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Brandy generally contains 35%–60% alcohol by volume and is typically taken as an after-dinner drink. Some brandies are aged in wooden casks, while some are simply coloured with caramel coloring to imitate the effect of such aging. Brandy is also produced from fermented fruits other than grapes, but these products are typically named eaux-de-vie.In some countries, fruit flavoring or some other flavoring may be added to a spirit that is called “brandy”.

Brandy has a traditional quality rating system, although its use is unregulated outside of Cognac and Armagnac. These indicators can usually be found on the label near the brand name:

  • A.C.: aged two years in wood.
  • V.S.: “Very Special” or 3-Star, aged at least three years in wood.
  • V.S.O.P.: “Very Superior Old Pale” or 5-Star, aged at least five years in wood.
  • X.O.: “Extra Old”, Napoleon or Vieille Reserve, aged at least six years, Napoleon at least four years.
  • Vintage: Stored in the cask until the time it is bottled with the label showing the vintage date.
  • Hors d’age: These are too old to determine the age, although ten years plus is typical, and are usually of great quality.

This is our product list that we would like to offering to you from Brandy :

- Beehive

- St. Remy VSOP

- Hennessy VSOP

- Martel VSOP

- Martel VSOP (1 Liter)

- Martel VSOP (3 Liter)

- Martel Cordon Blue

- Martel Cordon Blue (1 Liter)

- Martel Cordon Blue ( 3 Liter )

- Martel Xo

- Remy Martin VSOP

- Remi Martin XO

- Louis XIII